Drury Avenue is a one-block street between Father Capodanno Boulevard and Ocean Avenue near the South Beach boardwalk in Staten Island. Nothing at all unusual about it, except that the Google Street Views truck, in 2011, found a 1950s-era enamel and metal DRURY AVE sign on one of the lampposts in the classic gold and black Staten Island street sign color scheme. This may be the last of its type on the island.

I hope it’s still there, but the Department of Transportation is relentless about expunging nonstandard signage.


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5 Responses to DRURY AVENUE, Arrochar

  1. Eugene says:

    On Google Earth, the street view is from 1/2013 and unfortunately the sign is no longer there

  2. Edward says:

    That sign has been gone for a while now. Funny thing is, there is currently no sign there at all. Nice going DOT.

  3. Steven G. says:

    It had shared the same design as the Brooklyn white on black porcelain street sign did in the 1950s.

  4. JMove says:

    That sign has been gone since Hurricane Irene barreled through here in August of 2011, or shortly before. I remember seeing it during that summer when I went to see beach fireworks. Either someone took it or it blew off…But as mentioned, it has not been replaced.

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