One of Brooklyn’s more impressive cast-iron building facades is the Long Island Safe Deposit Company building, at #1 Front Street at Old Fulton Street in DUMBO (one of my favorite parts of town), which dates to 1868 and was designed by William Mundell. The construction of the Brooklyn Bridge made life difficult for businesses on lower Fulton Street, and the bank was no exception; it closed in 1891.

Its presence is a testimony to how this part of town was formerly one of Brooklyn’s business hubs; its subsequent decline was symptomatic of the neighborhood’s decline after ferry service ended in 1924. In recent years, the building has been restored to much of its old glory.


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  1. John Dereszewski says:

    Great picture Kevin. At one time – sometime in the 1980’s – this place opened as a pretty good restaurant but I guess could not make it. I remember having a very good meal there with my girlfriend at the time.

    I hope it finds better fortune in its current life.

    • Robbie says:

      Grimaldi’s moved into this building. Before that, there was another restaurant here — but I cannot remember the name of it. I think Grimaldi’s was having some sort of rent/tax disputes with the landlord at the original place around the corner. I can’t remember the details, but eventually they shut down and then re-opened here.

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