From here, I can see for miles.


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15 Responses to WHERE AM I?

  1. woodside guy says:

    woolworth building

  2. Gasaxe says:

    High Bridge Water Tower

  3. Joe Clarke says:

    Little Red Lighthouse

  4. Andy says:

    Top of the Highbridge Water Tower, 173rd Street and Amsterdam Ave., Washington Heights.

  5. Simon B. says:

    Williamsburgh Savings Bank Building, Brooklyn

  6. punto says:

    A few years ago, on the Open House NY weekend, I was able to get entry to the Highbridge tower so I was pretty sure at a glance. Of course, my acrophobia made the climb on the rickety stairs up to the top pretty nervewracking and I really wasn’t able to enjoy the view any of the rest of the experience. At least it all stuck in my memory enough to recall what it looked like.

  7. Gregory Washington says:

    The Highbridge Water Tower. I live across the street

  8. Sal says:

    It wouldn’t have been the statue of liberty because there wouldn’t be graffiti inside it.

  9. rm says:

    In the hull of the great space ark, en route to the observation deck. right?

  10. marty pohlman says:

    Is that graffiti on the walls in the background?

  11. Henry Newberger says:

    I have no idea, but I want to know the answer!

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