Everything’s just a little bit different in Battery Park City. The street signs look sort of the same as the rest of them around town, but a little bit off, a bit nonstandard.

I shot a series there a few years ago but I don’t think I got the total experience, as I walked along the water and ducked in here and there. This spring, after the ice age recedes, I plan on a more comprehensive walk around the place, dodging the security guards and cops.

Till then, here’s a lamppost with an odd street sign.


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  1. Ken B. says:

    What we know as Battery Park City is owned and managed by the Battery Park City Authority, which is a public-benefit corporation under the authority of the NYS Urban Development Corporation. As is the case with Forest Hills Gardens in Queens, being independantly owned allows the BPCA to install its own street signs, street lights, etc. that are outside the control of the NYC Department of Transportation.

  2. John says:

    What is the pipe exiting the rear of the post for? Alternate gas lighting? Ha! Possible fire box location orange light?

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