Quiet Man Bar, 96-03 101st Avenue in Ozone Park. The name of the pub may perplex some Ozone Parkers, but most of its patrons are no doubt aware that it is named for The Quiet Man, a 1952 John Ford movie, starring John Wayne as an American former boxer who retires to Ireland seeking his roots in that country. It was among both Ford’s and Wayne’s favorites.

The Quiet Man trailer:

One measure of this film’s enduring appeal: In 1986, 34 years after its release, the wife of a young New York police officer, who was shot and paralyzed on the job [PO Steven McDonald], saw fit to tell reporters The Quiet Man was her husband’s favorite movie and that he adored its female star, Maureen O’Hara. After reading the report, O’Hara flew to New York and went to the officer’s bedside to offer comfort and boost his morale. She became actively involved with the couple during his long recovery and physical therapy, attended their baby’s christening and marched in a parade on his behalf. Turner Classic Movies


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  1. april says:

    One of only two Wayne films I truly value (the other being True Grit), this snippet of yours made me smile, Pilgrim.

  2. Jb digriz says:

    But how was the bar?

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