For me, it’s one of NYC’s more abiding mysteries. For about twenty years, the online maps I’ve consulted have named a little dead end at Maple Avenue and Frame Place in Flushing as Eagle Nest Lane, despite any visible property facing the alleyway.


Latest Google map of the area. I have consulted older maps, such as this Bromley atlas from 1909, but it doesn’t show up.

Hagstrom and Geographia doesn’t show it. I’m wondering what source Google uses to identify street names, and I might be able to take it from there.

The plot thickens: historian Joseph Ditta sent me a 1932 Brooklyn Eagle obituary of artist Kate Mann Franklin, whose memorial ceremony was at #1 Eagle Nest Lane. The Eagle also profiled Miss Franklin in 1929, also citing her address there.

Would be nice to snag a photo of Eagle Nest Lane back in the 1930s…


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  1. Allen Bennett says:

    It shows up on Apple Maps and Mapquest too

  2. According to the DoITT NYCityMap, Eagle Nest Lane is named and designated as a private driveway belonging to Brockton Apartments, the building at the end of the alley at 134-25 Franklin Avenue. The five residential dwellings along Eagle Nest Lane are assigned Maple Avenue addresses.

  3. nhu says:

    NYCDOT online 311 request recognizes intersection, request submitted to replace missing streetname sings:

    Service Request Number is:

  4. Hi
    I grew up on Maple Ave and lived there until 1964. After looking at the picture posted I remember there being a beautiful stone house/office of Dr. Berkeley. I don’t recall when that was removed. Frame Place began at Maple ave straight to 41st Frame ran for just two blocks. I hope someone remembers Maple Ave with the beautiful frees and large Victorians.

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