The New Lots Avenue station is the eastern end of the line for #3 and #4 IRT trains. This view, from NYC Subways’ 1980s collection, shows a pair of graffitied rolling stock idling in the station waiting for their citybound run to begin.

Note that in the 1980s there were still a good number of enamel signs around, dating back to the 1910s and 1920s, but the Unimark signs employing Standard and Helvetica fonts were about to claim total sovereignty.


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3 Responses to NEW LOTS AVENUE STATION, East New York

  1. andy says:

    According to this station is unique. All other terminal stations on elevated structures end with bumper blocks; that is the tracks and structure do not continue beyond the station. At New Lots the tracks continue east (southbound in official subway operating parlance) and lead to a large yard and inspection barn that straddles Linden Boulevard. The MTA’s early plans, around 1968-69, envisioned extending revenue trains on this alignment terminating at a new station adjacent to the yards and geographically south of Linden Boulevard, to serve the Spring Creek area. This extension never happened.

  2. Jeff B. says:

    If the Exit sign fully followed Unimark’s 1970 NYCTA Graphics Standards Manual, the arrow should precede the word Exit.

  3. Bob Sklar says:

    There was also apparently a plan to extend the line further east along New Lots Av. See the link below.,182327&c=GIS2012

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