This store on Grand Street east of Bushwick Avenue has been closed for some years now, but its burgundy and beige storefront sign is still persevering; I estimate it’s no younger than 1950. Note that it was made in three pieces.

You can’t see it too well but the building to its right wouldn’t look out of place in a photo from 1900, with its original roof treatment and awnings on every window to keep out hot sun.


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2 Responses to ITALIAN-AMERICAN GROCERIES, East Williamsburg

  1. Shari says:

    A look above each window and across the top of the facade, in comparison with the house next door, shows what they took down in lieu of fixing.

  2. steven says:

    Those builings will come down soon. That stretch of Grand st is getting gentrified like crazy. The builing next to it was recently torn down.

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