In June 2014 I did a lengthy walkabout, exploring Battery Park City for the first time and then heading up to the Village. Perfect photographic conditions, with bright sunshine and, with the sun high at the zenith, no problems with shadows. It’s hard to explain why I let pictures languish without using them — I suppose at the time, Battery Park City, built on landfill used from excavations used for the first world Trade Center, I thought may have been too shiny and new to fit my overall “forgotten” narrative. The Tribeca and Greenwich Village photos from the same walk have come out in dribs and drabs, but I may be ready to use the BPC photos at last. The place does have its quirks.

For example it has its own street numbering system that is independent of the “East-West” numbered streets divided by Broadway and 5th Avenue further uptown, with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place. Streets in lower Manhattan were extended west across West Street, but some get new names — West Thames Street, for example, which is not west of Thames but west of Rector. Rector itself is represented by Rector Place.



Street signs and lamps are also subtly different. Highway Gothic caps were used but in a smaller size than usual, and the signs have rounded instead of straight edges.

Anyway, look for some more shots from BPC in upcoming weeks in FNY.


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