At the unusual intersection of 6th Avenue and 66th Street in Bay Ridge, a couple of doors from the Antenna King, sat an important part of my boyhood and young manhood, Karl Droge Ice Cream. A visit there was always de rigueur after a catch with the old man in Lief Ericson Square, which was just across 66th Street. Never an adventurer, I was always one for the soft vanilla cup or cone and besides, when I was a kid, chocolate syrup was always vomited back up anyway, so I stayed away from it till my system could handle it.

Droge hung in there well into the 1980s and perhaps even the 1990s (I moved from Bay Ridge to Flushing in 1993) so it was often a stop for me after hours of mad bike pedaling from Bay Ridge to the far reaches of Brooklyn and Queens. That cold ice cream went down great in the thermonuclear heat of a New York summer.

Another Bay Ridge icon, Zeke’s Roast Beef, was at 8th Avenue and 66th Street for many years. It just went out of business again after a few years on 3rd Avenue.

photo: Brooklyn Historical Society

Anyone remember Karl Droge? kevinjudewalsh@gmail.com


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  1. Joan Carbonaro says:

    I remember the nuns serving us Karl Droge ice cream when we had our little end of the school year class parties. We sat at our desks enjoying the our vanilla ice cream and feel so thrilled to be almost done with school. For some reason (unknown to us ), vanilla was the only flavor they gave us. We never questioned why we received only the one variety of this delicious treat, since it would seem less than gracious. But, I remember thinking that it might have some religious significance, such as purity. More likely, they figured that if it dripped onto our white blouses or shirts of careless grade schoolers it wouldn’t look as obvious.

  2. Garry King says:

    Carolyn Droge, Karl’s daughter, would always bring ice cream, any time there was a school party at P.S.170 on Ovington(70thSt) and 6th Ave. I didn’t get to partake in that, I went to St. Ephrems, but many of my friends were her classmates. Every time I went to Karl Droge, if Carolyn was behind the counter, my chocolate heavy frosteds, were extra heavy.

  3. Ed Bohrer says:

    Remember it well. Loved it!

  4. Debra C says:

    We used to get this ice cream for all kids’ events at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in the60s and 70s. I remember the little cups of vanilla having some sort of crunchy coating on top.

  5. Lilith says:

    Watching HBO’s The Deuce and they just mentioned the shop. One of the best of my childhood memories came flooding back.

  6. Laura Shinick says:

    Karl droge was my aunts father in law

    • Margarete droge Bickerstaff says:

      I am looking for my grandfather, Karl Ernst Droge. He came over to states from Germany, i believe before WWII. Do u happen to have a picture of him. We may be related. My maiden name is Droge. Father Erwin, grandmother Erna Droge.

      • Marge Droge says:

        Karl M. Droge was my father, and Karl N. Droge was my grandfather. Karl N. also came over from (northern) Germany. He came with $17 and eventually built the ice cream factory. I’m Marge Droge, a one-time manager of the ice cream stand. My sister, Carolyn, managed it before I did.

  7. Margarete Droge Bickerstaff says:

    If u have a picture of him i can compare. We may be cousins. I would love to hear about him. If this is him ge has a daughter still alive. She wou ld like to know about him as well before she passes and where he is buried. U can email me at maggiemay6034@comcast.net


  8. Walter P Guilfoyle says:

    Karl Droge was for the kids of Bay Ridge our Oasis we would gladly wait in line for the sweet treat
    it was a wonderful memory of growing up in Brooklyn,NY Thank’s for the memories Karl Droge Family
    That Ice cream store and the Fortway Theatre as well as Melody Lanes Bowling alley

  9. Pat Sandel says:

    I went to Resurrection in Gerritsen Beach. Every school, scout, church function ended with Carl Droge’s bisque tortoni.

    Pat Sandel

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