My name is Kevin Walsh. After a 35-year residency in Bay Ridge, where I witnessed the construction of the Verrazano Bridge as a kid, I moved to Queens to be closer to a job as a copywriter/graphic designer at a well-known direct marketer in Long Island. That job has disappeared but FNY has endured.

I had been noticing ancient advertising and unremarked-upon scenes in New York City for years, but it wasn’t till I moved to Flushing and saw the ancient remaining Victorian and older buildings that stand among the cookie cutter brick apartments that I put two and two together and noticed there was no one out there who was really calling attention to the artifacts of a long-gone New York.

FNY began principal photography throughout 1998 and launched in March 1999.  Within weeks, it was profiled by David Kirby in the New York Times, and FNY began a slow yet steady build in readership.

In 2006, HarperCollins published Walsh’s book Forgotten New York: Views of a Lost Metropolis, which is, as of 2011, in its 5th printing.

Forgotten NY is always in great debt to its contributors, especially Forgotten NY correspondent Christina Wilkinson, retired NYC bus driver Gary Fonville, Sergey Kadinsky, Mike Olshan, Jean Siegel and many other Forgotten regulars.

Forgotten New York reviews and articles: