by Kevin Walsh

I’ll admit it. There’s a big hole in my information on NYC lamppost manufacturers and makes, since I’ve not a clue of these designs’ actual names, nor their manufacturers. These are the luminaires that were still lurking about NYC when I first began taking note of lampposts back when I was a 4-eyed fat kid being duly bullied in grade school in the Swinging Sixties.

At any rate, lamppost maven Jeff Saltzman (link below at Bell) has graciously bestowed monikers on these designs, at least till I can discover what they’re actually called…

the BELL (late 30s-present) Retro Bells have recently reappeared on Manhattan streets.

the CUP (late 40s-present)

the CONE (late 30s-present)

the CRESCENT MOON (late 40s-present)

the GUMBALL(late 30s-present)

the RADIAL WAVE (1910s-1960s) Sightings of these are quite rare in NYC now.

the ACORN (early 1920s-early 60s) (None are extant on public streets now, though collectors have some of them)