by Kevin Walsh

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Bob Kern May 23, 2012 - 11:52 am

I practically grew up on this base. My father was stationed there from 1946-1964 and I was born in 48. I have lots of pictures inside this building. It brings back many fond memories. My father was also the projectionist here and I hae a pictire of him in the movie booth. I loved being a pin setter in the little bowling alley and eat in the cafeteria there. But most of all Christmas time when the up stairs PX would turn into Toyland and Santa would land on the front lawn and go into the theater and give all us kids toys. I also have pics of this as my father was also in charge of special services and was Santas little Elf helper. I went there last week and couldnt find the building. The place sure looks different now. How I could miss the Visitors center is beyond me. I did Finally get in the tower. Something I never did in my 16 years hanging out there however. But thats restored to pre navy days and doesnt look the same outside as i remember


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