by Kevin Walsh

This handsome painted red, black and white sign for a marine repairs firm has hung in there on Christopher Street near Washington almost 3 decades after the demise of its parent. It faces 2 sides with an identical sign on each side.

The Landmarks Prevervation Commission report for its Weehawken Street district says Meier & Oelhaf had a marine plumbing supplies place at 177 Christopher Street (1920-50); marine repair 9-11 Weehawken Street (1947-84);  7 Weehawken Street (1956-84);  185 Christopher Street (1958-61); and 177 Christopher Street (1965-84).

However, Trows’ Directory for 1909, sort of the Yellow Pages of its time, lists Frank Meier and Carl Oelhaf at 179 Christopher that year.

This sign, from the looks of things, goes back to the 1950s or so.


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