CHEYENNE, or something like it: May 18th

by Kevin Walsh

It’s hard to believe it but the Cheyenne Diner on 9th Avenue and 33rd Street has been gone since 2008. There’s still only an empty lot with occasional construction stirrings to show for it.

The Cheyenne Diner began as the Market Diner at 9th Avenue and 33rd Street sometime in the early 1940s. The diner manufacturer was Paramount Modular Concepts of Oakland, NJ, in business since 1932 and one of only a handful of diner manufacturers (Diner-Mite of Atlanta, GA, De Raffele of New Rochelle, NY, and Kullman of Lebanon, NJ are among the others) still in operation today; Kullman doesn’t seem to be making them anymore, however.

After several decades, the rent was raised and the owner decided to close the Cheyenne in 2008. The diner was preserved, however, and moved to Birmingham, Alabama in 2009. There the story seems to end, as I haven’t been able to find out about how it’s faring there.

We will be visiting a similar diner from the same era, though, on ForgottenTour #78 in Hell’s Kitchen on Sunday, May 18th.



nycrefugee May 14, 2014 - 5:02 pm Reply
MMcCarthy May 18, 2014 - 12:05 am

The Market Dinner is a part of my romantic history, My husband & I often ended our evenings in
the early morning hours there during the late 1960’s. It’s been a LONG time since we lived in
New York City. Thanks for reminding me of my youth.


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