FRANK BEE, Throg(g)’s Neck

by Kevin Walsh

Forgotten NY correspondent

Several large mass merchandise stores were patterned after the success of F.W. Woolworth, both large and small. Kresge (now K Mart), Lamston’s,  McCrory and this one, Frank Bee at 3437 E. Tremont Avenue between Otis Avenue and Bruckner Boulevard, in Throgg’s Neck, the Bronx took a cue from the former retailing behemoth.

According to its awning, the store was established in 1957.  By that time, inflation caused them not to be able to use the term “five and dime” as Woolworth’s was able to do when it first opened in the 1870s.  Instead they used the term “five cents to one dollar.”

The sign is really outmoded now. If you think about it, what can you even buy for a dollar  in 2016?


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