WOODMAN’S GATE, Central Park

by Kevin Walsh

Central Park masterminds Frederick Olmsted and Calvert Vaux whimsically named several main park exterior openings as ‘gates’ when the park was being built in the 1860s. Running clockwise around the park from Columbus Circle they are:

Merchants’ Gate: Columbus Circle
Women’s Gate: Central Park West at West 72nd Street
Explorers’ Gate: CPW at West 77th Street
Hunters’ Gate: CPW at West 81st Street
Mariners’ Gate: CPW at West 85th Street
All Saints’ Gate: CPW at West 97th Street
Boys’ Gate: CPW at West 100th Street
Strangers’ Gate: CPW at West 106th Street
Warriors’ Gate: Central Park North at Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. (7th Avenue)
Farmers’ Gate: CPN at Malcolm X Blvd. (Lenox Ave.)
Pioneers’ Gate: Duke Ellington/James Frawley Circle at 5th Avenue

Vanderbilt Gate (only gate named for a person): 5th Ave. at East 106th Street
Girls’ Gate: 5th Avenue at East 102nd Street
Woodman’s Gate: 5th Avenue at East 96th Street
Engineers’ Gate: 5th Avenue at East 90th Street
Inventors’ Gate: 5th Avenue at East 72nd Street
Scholars’ Gate: 5th Avenue at East 60th Street
Artists’ Gate: Central Park South at 6th Avenue
Artisans’ Gate: CPS at 7th Avenue

Strictly speaking, there are no metal gates that open and close — these should be called entrances — but Central Park does close at 1 AM and NYPD patrols shoo everyone they can locate out at that hour.

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