by Kevin Walsh

ForgottenTour #103, Saturday, May 21, 2016, was  a repeat of 2014’s Richmond Hill tour. We visited the now-repurposed sites of the Republican Club, RKO Keiths Theatre, Triangle Hotel, took in the breathtaking classic architecture, and visited the historic Church of the Resurrection (above).

The original small wooden Gothic Revival building on 118th Street and 85th Avenue, built by architect Henry Dudley in 1874, is preserved within the present French Gothic stone building, which was finished in 1904, though further extensions continued until 1926. Social reformer Jacob Riis was a parishioner, and New York State Governor Theodore Roosevelt attended Riis’ daughter Clara’s wedding to Dr. William Fiske on June 1, 1900. 


PS 66, 102nd Street and 85th Road, looks nearly the same as it did when it opened over a century ago.

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