by Kevin Walsh

There are a lot of interesting items from a Forgotten NY aspect scuffling around under the Jamaica Avenue el on Woodhaven, such as outmoded street lighting, hidden cemeteries a block away, unused former passenger railaroads, and ancient store signage — such as the one found here at Schmidt’s Candy, just east of Woodhaven Boulevard. I stopped in on the Saturday before Easter, arguably the busiest day of the year. A high blood sugar reading spooked me a couple of years ago (tests showed I don’t have diabetes), and I drastically cut down on dessert and sugar consumption, restricting myself to a Kind nut bar in the morning. I used to visit Economy Candy on Rivington Street once a year for chocolate covered pretzels and fruit slices, I wish I could go back. I didn’t buy anything here at Schmidt’s, but did squeeze off a couple of photos before getting out of harm’s way.


A visit to Schmidt’s Candy, 94-15 Jamaica Ave., is a bracing reminder of American capitalism and small-town pride. Schmidt’s has been producing “homemade” sweets in Woodhaven since 1925, using the same German recipes its founder employed, and the shop remains in the same family and is run by his granddaughter. Today, Schmidt’s features an up-to-date website, where treats like boxed assortments, assorted jellies (raspberry is a favorite), caramels, graham crackers, “turtles” made with chocolate, caramel, and nuts, and many other varieties are described and can be obtained from Tuesdays through Saturdays. As with Mallomar delivery, Schmidt’s closes during July and August when heat and humidity make deliveries difficult.

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