by Kevin Walsh

I may need to take a weekend off from posting. My new computer has arrived, and things aren’t as simple as just plugging it in. I need to migrate a lot of stuff, not least import many of the photos taken over the years that I have backed up on hard drives, as well as purchase and install software. Depending on how long the import process goes, it may take a couple of days. I can resume posting as soon as things are up and running completely. (I bought a machine that turned out to be insufficient for my needs in 2019, and I resold it and went back to my old machine; I’ll do the same if that problem happens again, though I think this new machine will do the trick.)

Wish me luck.

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Andy August 29, 2021 - 11:44 am

Good luck Kev. I know what its like to migrate to a new computer.


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