by Kevin Walsh

REVIEW Avenue is an odd route in western Queens, running from Borden Avenue southeast to where Laurel Hill Boulevard meets 56th Road. It runs along the western end of Calvary Cemetery and between 37th Street and Laurel Hill Boulevard it has no intersections save for driveways, which makes it an ideal spot for drag racing for those so inclined. I have walked it off and on for years and have never found any residential buildings there; even the Iron Triangle in Corona had one or two. It’s mainly given over to warehousing, light manufacturing and ghost signs, such as the one on this brick building now used for storage on another lengthy undivided stretch between 29th and 35th Streets.

Bloch and Guggenheimer is perhaps more familiar for its initials, B&G. If you like bottled pickles, you’re probably familiar with the B&G brand of bottled cured cucumbers and condiments. The company was founded by the Bloch and Guggenheimer families who sold pickles on the streets of Manhattan beginning in 1889. The company has survived lo these many decades.

In fact B&G no longer sells just pickles and condiments. It’s become a conglomerate in the past couple of decades and bought up “orphaned” food companies. When you buy Cream of Wheat, Mrs. Dash seasonings, Molly McButter, Sugar Twin, Mrs. Fanning’s pickles, Green Giant canned vegetables, Crisco cooking oil, Polaner jelly, and the Emeril Lagasse line of products, you’re actually paying B&G. Bam!

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Andrew MacDougall October 13, 2021 - 10:31 am

I wonder if they still own this location? I doubt it.

Joe+Fliel October 14, 2021 - 12:01 pm

B AND G ACQUISITION CORP. sold the property in January 1994.


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