by Kevin Walsh

THIS is the Samuel Hubbard House, which may now justifiably be called the John Antonides House, at #2138 McDonald Avenue north of Avenue T. The right side of the house was built in the early 1800s (some researchers have said late 1700s) and was originally occupied by Nelly Hubbard and her son Samuel.

The house was purchased by Vincenzo Lucchelli in 1904 — he added the ell on the left side of the house in 1924. Lucchelli’s daughter Theresa occupied the house until her death in 1997, by which time the house was in very bad repair. Antonides purchased it, renovated it top to bottom, and was rewarded for his efforts when the Landmarks Preservation Commission landmarked it in early 2009, assuring the old place an even longer life. It’s especially notable bcause the LPC rarely cites buildings that have been heavily renovated.

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Joseph Ditta June 28, 2022 - 11:05 pm

The right, or “Dutch” side of the Hubbard House was constructed circa 1835. The left, two-story wing is an alteration and expansion of the original lean-to, done by the Lucchellis in 1924.


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