DEAD AT 18. A look at the old IRT 18th Street station

The 18th Street Station (#4,5,6) was killed off in 1948 when the 14th St. platform was lengthened, making it redundant. Here are a couple of pictures from the now-abandoned, decrepit platform:

The old “18” plaque is barely visible behind graffiti vandals’ defacement.

Underside of a staircase that once led to Park Avenue South and East 18th Street. Note that the detailed work done on one of the original pillars is still there.

I wish this page could be longer…but because of terrorism threats (later proven well-founded) Mayor Giuliani tightened security around closed stations; today, no one except transit personnel can enter the others at Worth Street, 91st Street, and others. See Joe Brennan’s Abandoned Stations Page for details on those stations.


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