Dean Street and Nostrand Avenue, Crown Heights

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4 Responses to SMILE

  1. Larry Mac says:

    I wonder if you have to bend over and squint for “detal work”.

    • Joe Fliel says:

      Reminds me of a neon sign I saw in a deli on Lincoln Avenue in the Bronx:

      Fresh Bagles and Donnas

      That sign cost the owner a not so trifling amount of greenbacks and he ends up with that. I actually went in and asked the manager about it. He said it was an error by the signmaker.

      Just another example of the dumbing down of society. Goon eye, ebrywong!

  2. ron s says:

    Beware of dental offices that cannot spell “dental”…….

  3. Flagg McCourt says:

    The whole thing has a surrealistic feel to it, misspellings aside.

    It can easily be an ad for a low budget funeral home, so of course she’s not smiling: she’s DEAD! She also looks like a porcelain doll.

    And what’s with (what appears to be) a knitted sweater? Is she holding her arms up in a celebratory manner, yet with no emotion expressed? Weird! Or is the “sweater” supposed to be Icarus-type feathered wings, depicting how she feels after the good “detist” administers nitrous oxide?!?

    Could be a lot worse…thankfully it’s not an ad for a proctologist. Can’t begin to think how that would be depicted, in the same vein as this one!

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