New York City expunged the last of its small slotted mailboxes that were mounted on lampposts or separate concrete posts several years ago, but Boston still has a few, or had in 2006, when I captured this one at Louisburg Square in Beacon Hill.

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  1. Jeff says:

    I remember these from when I was a kid! My parents would lift me up so I could open the slot and drop the letter in. I think they were painted blee and red.

  2. JT Chiarella says:

    There’s one of these letterboxes in front of Claudio’s, in Greenport….Furthermore, it’s still in commission.

  3. Helen says:

    I remember these mailboxes! There was one on the corner of the block I used to live on – East 19th St. between Avenues N &O – at the corner of Avenue N and E. 19th St.

  4. Ken B. says:

    I clearly remember these mailboxes, as the door that covered the slot was a heavy cast arrangement that was hard for a small kid to pull down to drop a letter inside. Anyone who ever used one of these boxes will remember that the slot door gave a particular squeak when it was opened and closed. All the boxes made the same squeak. Also, most of the boxes were mounted on their own post, and not on a lamppost like the one shown. Those posts were cast concrete and were shaped like an obelisk. I last saw one of the obelisk-posts (without a mailbox attached) in Montauk last summer. While the discovery delighted me, it did not impress my family.

  5. Larry says:

    We had one on our corner in Flatbush growing up….It was put in as a prelude to a large regular box….I also remember when they picked up from that box as late as 8PM weekday evenings..That was the olden days…

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