REX COLE, Refrigerator

Rex Cole (1887-1967) was originally a lamp manufacturer, then became associated with General Electric in the 1920s and designed white enamel Monitor Top refrigerators. Famed architect Raymond Hood designed a series of buildings in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, the Grand Concourse, and Northern Blvd. in Flushing for Cole’s showrooms that either looked like refrigerators or featured them in the design! Most are still standing but have been altered beyond recognition. Enamel signs proclaiming Cole’s GE refrigerators can still be found on a handful of buildings around town.


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  1. GeorgeDunne says:

    The sole building residing on 4th Avenue & 66th Street (Lief Ericson Park) was a Rex Cole dealership. The original building had a circular disc on the roof, to resemble a monitor top, before becoming a Porsche car dealership. It is currently the office of a general contractor.

  2. Ken B. says:

    Likewise, the building on the northeast corner of Northern Boulevard and Leavitt Street in Flushing was a Rex Cole dealership.

  3. Kevin,

    Where was that sign located ?

    It’s in real nice shape for its age. Better call American Pickers and tell them to bring anj extension ladder !

  4. David says:

    One of these signs are just off the corner of longwood.ave and southern boulevard in the bronx and its in better condition then the one shown

  5. Carlos says:

    I own a General Electric, Rex Cole refrigerator and it works great. I love the look, and the ice box. Any one wants to buy it. It is in great condition. I also have the antique stove to go with it. Yes, I will be selling it too.

  6. john says:

    My grandfather was a general manager for Mr Cole. I wear a ring from 1934 from the knights of refrigerania that my grandfather won for selling the most GE refrigerator. He went through seven sets of tire on his car due to ice picks and the ice man

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