Whenever I am in Boston (the last time was in 2006) I check a certain alley on Medfield near St. Mary’s Street in the Back Bay area to see if this grand old cast-iron or wrought-iron streetlamp is still there. From the latest Google Street View, it’s not in its spot anymore…


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  1. Edward Findlay says:

    This is in the Fenway, almost a mile from the Back Bay border at the Muddy River…it’s several decades younger than the Back Bay only getting developed in the early 1900s with this particular block most likely the 1910s.

    Considering the fact that it is heavily rusted, not up to code for modern needs, is an actual replacement with exposed wiring it had to be removed and replaced.

    It is likely that it could have been designated for reuse in the Back Bay or South End who has a larger need for these kind of lamps- not a neighborhood made up of three decker dorm houses

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