MANNY’S, Gravesend

On a google street view link from elsewhere I spotted an old sign for Manny’s Men’s Shop, at the Kings Highway BMT station on West 7th. I can’t make out the address, but I doubt it’s still around.


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  1. neil says:

    sign no longer there as well..

  2. Kevin Walsh says:

    …and a more recent photo reveals it’s been painted over.

  3. Kevin P. says:

    It looks like the sign is also no longer around. At 0:14 in the video below (not mine, just one that I found), you can see that the side of the building has been painted.

    At the NYC Municipal Archives Gallery there’s a 1980s tax photo that includes the sign when it was in better shape:

    More information about what became of Manny’s is here:

  4. John T says:

    Some info from here, don’t know how accurate:

    “The asian restaurant remodeled the old storedront which had a recessed entrance with display windows on both sides. Manny’s was replaced by a womens’ lingerie shop which later became the restaurant.
    West 7th st & Kings Highway.”

  5. Morning After says:

    This shop was owned & operated by Manny Rosen, who was one of the few survivors of a capsized cruise ship back in 1972.

    His wife, Belle, a former star of her Brooklyn high school swim team, perished in the disaster after diving to save other passengers. She succumbed to a heart attack.

    Up until the time Manny retired & sold the business, he errected an upside down Christmas Tree in front of the store as a tribute to Belle. According to survivors accounts, one was utilized in this very way as means to climb up & out of the topsy-turvey main dining room.

  6. Larry says:

    Never got off at that station..It’s the Sea Beach N?…..still looks like a nice area

  7. P Muhr says:

    God bless, Mrs. Rosen!
    – James Martin

  8. dominick squeglia says:

    Was’nt MAnny shot and killed in a robbery in his store? I belive he was hard of hearing.
    Nick Squeglia

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