And who am I? I built many famed homes, but only one here.


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  1. woodside guy says:

    Light House Hill, staten island
    Frank lloyd Wright

  2. woodside guy says:

    48 manor court

  3. Scott3794 says:

    It’s ‘The Cass House’ (aka ‘Crimson Beach’), located at 48 Manor Court in the Lighthouse Hill section of Staten Island … designed by architect Frank Lloyd White

  4. Larry Gertner says:

    Frank LLoyd Wright’s “The Crimson Beech” on Lighthouse Hill in Staten Island.

  5. Jeffrey H. Wasserman says:

    Is this on Staten Island, the “Crimson Beech,” aka the William and Catherine Cass House, on Lighthouse Hill, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright?
    More photographs of the home may be found on the bottom of this web page:

  6. William Lee says:

    Frank Lloyd Wright, Crimson Beech, New Dorp, Staten Island, 1958.

  7. raypalermo says:

    F L Wright on Staten Island. I think it was Cathy Case’s house . Something like Copper Beaches?

  8. chris says:

    Staten Island, Manor Ct, on Lighthouse Hill. A Frank Lloyd Wright house, only one in NYC.


  9. steveo says:

    Is this the S.I. F.L.W. house?

  10. stu detroit says:

    I’m Frank Lloyd Wright, and we’re in Lighthouse Hill SI?

  11. hardold youngsamoles says:

    only frank lloyd wright house in nyc area, lighthouse hill staten island, been there dozen’s of times, actually not very prepossessing

  12. Edward says:

    The only Frank Lloyd house in NYC aka “The Crimson Beech” house on Lighthouse Hill, Staten Island.


  13. James C says:

    That would be the Frank Lloyd Wright house on Manor Court, which is on Lighthouse Hill, in Staten Island.

  14. Spencer C says:

    “The Crimson Beech” in Lighthouse Hill, SI. Frank Lloyd Wright.

  15. david says:

    I was gonna say Frank Lloyd Wright, but then my mouse cursor was on the picture, which then pointed out the answer…

  16. Tal Barzilai says:

    This is probably the Crimson Beech by Frank Lloyd Wright, though he also has the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in Manhattan as well as his only NYC projects.

  17. Michael says:

    Cass House by Frank Loyd Wright, Lighthouse Hill, Staten Isjand


  18. ron s says:

    Frank Lloyd Wright

  19. Ed Greenberg says:

    Frank Lloyd Wright. The Crimson Beech (William Cass House) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Crimson_Beech

  20. The Cheese says:

    That would be ol’ Frank Lloyd Wright’s house, The Crimson Beech (aka the Cass House,) on Lighthouse Hill in Staten Island.

  21. Jim says:

    Frank lloyd Wright. Located on Lighthouse Hill, Staten Island

  22. Etta-Lee Heiman says:

    You are on Lighthouse Hill in Staten Island. It is called “The Crimson Beech” and was built by Frank Lloyd Wright. It is the only house designed and built by him in New York City. It was erected and finished in 1959 but Mr. Wright never got to see it as he was ill and died in the same year.

  23. Don Gilligan says:

    You are on Lighthouser Hill on Staten Island. The house is a Frank LLoyd Wright designed pre-fab and the only residence in NYC designed by Wright. The house goes by the handle “The Crimson Beech” and is also known as the Cass house. It was declared a landmark in 1990.

  24. Jeff B says:

    The Crimson Beech House, Staten Island

  25. Ryan says:

    Frank Lloyd Wright, Crimson Beach House

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