For the most part, Manhattan and even most of the other NYC boroughs have eradicated their alleys. On an island, real estate is in short supply and there isn’t room for open spaces. That’s unusual for an older east coast city, and while New York doesn’t wear its age on its sleeve like Boston or Philly, it was founded in 1626.

Philadelphia is another matter — its alleys have alleys, and some of them are indeed paved in cobblestones. This is the unmarked Littleboys Court, which runs between Arch and Cuthbert just west of N. 2nd near downtown. It has Belgian block pavement, but like many downtown Philly alleys, it’s extremely narrow and was made for horses and carts, not automobiles.


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  1. fatherabbimam says:

    Of course it’s unmarked; it’s the site of the former Greater Philadelphia Pedophilic Society, razed in 1965.

    • lol…..knowing philly, you’re not far off the mark. i lived in PA for years, and had to move a few years back. i had a choice of staying where i was, moving to philly or moving to ny. i figured screw philly…..needless to say i’m a steadfast new yorker now, transplant that i may be. 95% of philly sadly is full of your choice of freaks and trash….much more than ny

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