This is the long-vanished 1.5 mile marker on Ocean Parkway, which had been located in Kensington in Brooklyn. Mile markers were arrayed at half-mile distances along Ocean Parkway when the lengthy route from Prospect Park to Coney Island was built between 1874 and 1880.

Only one such marker miraculously remains in place, the 3-mile marker, on the west side of the Parkway south of Avenue P in Midwood. It’s not landmarked and is at the mercy of rushing automobiles and reconstruction projects.


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3 Responses to OCEAN PARKWAY MILESTONE, Kensington

  1. TomfromNJ says:

    Also at the mercy of someone walking off with it – similar to what was done what other of these historic milestones. There is a small collection of ones from the Boston Post Rd at the NY Historical Society.

  2. Joseph Ditta says:

    Actually, the full length of Ocean Parkway, including its roadways and medians, is a designated scenic landmark, meaning that the 3rd milestone is, in fact, landmarked. But so was the 5th milestone, at Neptune Avenue, which was carted away ignominiously by the DOT.

  3. Salvatore Mondrone says:

    Why cant I find any old photos of ocean parkway in the 50s?I remember the concrete stanchions in the middle of every intersection,but I cant find any photos of them.People of my age dont even remember them,but I do.Can you help me?

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