PEPSI-COLA, Hunters Point

by Kevin Walsh

Hunters Point’s giant Pepsi-Cola sign has long been one of the familar sights from the East River in midtown Manhattan. Here it is in 2003, in its old position on the roof of a Pepsi bottling plant. The sign was first assembled in 1936.

The plant was torn down soon after the photo was taken, but the giant neon sign is landmarked and has to be maintained. It’s been moved around a couple of times in Gantry State Park, but now seems to have assumed a permanent position in front of a new residential tower being built in the Queens West development, which began cosntruction when the bottling plant was torn down.


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therealguyfaux July 13, 2013 - 12:13 pm

The East River version of the Hudson River’s Colgate-Palmolive Clock, if you will. Looking across the river from Midtown, it just wouldn’t be the same without the Pepsi-Cola sign, just as looking from Battery Park City, New Jersey wouldn’t be the same without the clock. Maybe Brooklyn with the Watchtower, too (although to a lesser extent, being overshadowed jes’ a li’l bit by the Bridge…).


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