One of the traditions in Bay Ridge along the two shopping streets, 3rd and 5th Avenues, has been mounting flags, mostly American but also other nations, on thin metal poles, approximately 6 feet in height. One of these days I’ll do a more complete survey– the flags come and go — and you have to be there on a windy day, so the flags will extend in the breeze.

On the title card is the American and Spanish flags outside Sancho’s Spanish Restaurant on 3rd near 75th Street…


Here are the Turkish and Irish flags outside Aunt Halime’s Middle Eastern & Mediterranean Grocery and Yellow Hook at Ovington Avenue.


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3 Responses to FLAGS OF BAY RIDGE

  1. The Cheese says:

    The Sellwood-Moreland Improvement LeaguE (SMILE) or possibly the City puts these up in my Portland, Oregon neighborhood on auspicious holidays, too.

    They look just like these (American flags only, though) and fit into brass or bronze fittings in the sidewalk that are also sometimes used for temporary signage or festival banners.

  2. Cannonball Parkes says:

    And Flagg Court doesn’t count? Hmmph!

  3. John McKeown says:

    I lived in Bay Ridge 78 to 80 on 67 Street, near Third. Up Third Avenue (so I recall) was the greatest seafood store I ever been in, Thompson’s Fish Market. Is it still there?

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