I think I’ll have to take New Jersey Transit to Ridgewood, NJ. Why? It’s got plenty of ancient “gumball” incandescent light fixtures, complete with their original telephone pole masts, and even some freestanding posts. I noticed this out of a train window years ago and Google Street View confirmed it.


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2 Responses to RIDGEWOOD, New Jersey

  1. Paddy says:

    You should check out the Hershey’s kisses luminaires in Hershey, PA. Gotta kick out of seeing them when I visited Chocolate World.

    • Glen Norman says:

      There used to be a few Kiss luminaires on the County road fronting the Hershey Plant in Oakdale, CA. The plant closed a long time ago–I would assume that Hershey packed up the luminaires. Wonder if the bare poles are still there …

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