Aymar Embury’s Orchard Beach Bathhouse is marvelously preserved since 1936, when the entire Orchard Beach complex was created in Pelham Bay Park by BYC Parks Commissioner Robert Moses. The  new beach comprised 115 acres of previously unused waterfront, and was built in large part by over 4000 laborers under the auspices of the new Works Progress Administration — the largest WPA project to date.

The bathhouse, built in a Modern Classical style, features  blue terra cotta tiling and views of Long Island Sound on its upper level.

Also in this shot, note the original 1936 lightpost. Similar lamps are also used on the Riis Park boardwalk in Queens, another WPA project directed by Moses.


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2 Responses to ORCHARD BEACH BATHHOUSE, Pelham Bay Park

  1. Jim S. says:

    So why is it closed off by fencing that appears to be at least 8 feet high?

    • Ken Buettner says:

      While it is well preserved, it is much in need of repair and restoration. Recent reports suggest that portions of the facade require immediate attention.

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