Small, round Brooklyn-Battery of Queens-Midtown Tunnel signs, as opposed to small, round webmasters, ¬†are getting rarer. This one points traffic west on Atlantic Avenue at Bedford…

H/T Gary Fonville


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3 Responses to BROOKLYN BATTERY BULLET, Crown Heights

  1. Randy T says:


    Not forgotten. Original location unknown

  2. srenco says:

    I can remember seeing these relatively small signs (and others like it– for JFK, Mid-town Tunnel, Worlds Fair, etc. etc,) when I was a kid and thinking then, who would see these, driving, in enough time to make the right turn, or get in the right lane? They never seemed useful.

    • Hart says:

      Same could be said now. Instead of signs saying, for example, “TO SOUTHERN STATE PARKWAY,” it’s now just the parkway shield with an SO on it (or, in one mistaken case, just the S but reading Southern Parkway instead of the correct Shore Parkway.)

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