The cornerstone for the Masonic Temple for Huguenot Lodge #381 on Main Street south of Amboy Road was laid with great fanfare on June 12, 1909. There was a gathering of hundreds with marching bands, speechmaking and pageantry. The Huguenot Lodge was named for French Protestants forced to leave their country because of religious intolerance who settled in Staten Island’ s south shore in the 1700s.

The temple was completed in 1910 by architects Charles Thrall and Charles Schmeiser. Thrall was Superintendent and chief designer for Atlantic Terra Cotta Works elsewhere in Tottenville, and colorful terra cotta is featured all over the exterior. Such was the importance of Atlantic Terra Cotta to Tottenville’s economy that a small railroad station on what was then called Staten Island Rapid Transit was built near the plant in the 19th Century. Plans call for a new station replacing both the Atlantic and Nassau Stations that will open in 2015.


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  1. Edward says:

    This part of Tottenville substituted as a run-down section of Washington, DC in a recent episode of “The Blacklist”, which does a LOT of filming on Staten Island in general, and Tottenville in particular. Nice to see the film/TV industry using SI as a backdrop. Would love to get inside the old Masonic Lodge.

  2. Doug Douglass says:

    Scenes from the current film “The Last Five Years” starring Jeremy Jordan were shot at the Pouch Boy Scout camp, showing the lodge, lake, and pier. The scenes were “Summer in Ohio.” Actors enjoyed fishing during their breaks.

  3. Ed Greenberg says:

    A photo of the lodge room can be seen at the above URL. Contact info is also there, and I would be surprised if a tour could not be arranged. I don’t know anybody there, or I’d try to hook you up.


    Ed Greenberg
    Queensbury Lodge #121, Queensbury, NY
    Past Master, Mt. Moriah Lodge, Los Gatos, CA
    edg at greenberg dot org

  4. Denis P. McGowan says:

    Hi Guys,

    There are actually more than one Masonic Lodge that meets on different evenings at the Masonic Temple on Main Street in Tottenville. Staten Island Lodge No. 66, Great Kills Lodge No. 912, Huguenot Lodge No. 381, Beacon Light Lodge. No. 701, LaGuardia Lodge No. 1130 all meet at the Masonic Temple.

    If you contact the Richmond Masonic Association, I am sure that they can arrange for a tour of the Temple.

    There is also another grand old Masonic Temple on Bay Street in the Tompkinsville section of Staten Island.


    Denis P. McGowan

    • Jeanette A. Marschall-Galante says:

      I am a PA OES Member and am trying to assist a friend of mine find out which Masonic Lodge her Great Uncle & Great Grandfather were members of on Staten Island. I understand that the Masonic Temple, Tottenville is home to 5 Lodges.
      Would you please assist me with a contact person that may be of assistance to her.

      My friend grew up on Staten Island, but now lives in North Creek, NY. I have looked up the closest OES Chapter for her (Queen Village in Warrensburg).

      Thank you for your time & consideration.


      Jeanette A. Marschall-Galante, AGCCM
      Co-Chairman Veterans Facilities
      OES of PA

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