OVERLOOKED CROOK, Hamilton Heights

Here’s a vintage Bishop Crook lamp that none of my reference materials cite — it’s completely forgotten and overlooked, on the west side of Riverside Drive between West 143rd and West 144th. It was installed anywhere between 1910 and 1940 and has lost its luminaire; the chocolate-colored paint has completely flaked off the crook, showing the iron underneath.

Of course now that I have shown it, the Department of Transportation will carry it away forthwith, but why not rewire it and light it up again?


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4 Responses to OVERLOOKED CROOK, Hamilton Heights

  1. Edward says:

    Is that a wooden utility pole (an extreme rarity in Manhattan) standing to the left of the Bishop’s Crook?

  2. David says:

    Dear Mr. Walsh,
    You tread on thin ice by posting the location of this lamp post. I really don’t want to have to dispatch my people here to remove it, especially since it’s more work to remove it than to just keep it there. Now, if it were an old sign that you had pointed out, as you have done so well with doing in the past, then we would be there within a few days to remove it. Pray that I am in a good mood come Tuesday, and that I spare this “Crook” any further.
    Anonymous NYC DOT supervisor
    PS-Thank you for helping keep me and my work crews in business with your website.

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