This Type G Corvington lamppost, defaced with a modern sodium yellow luminaire, was listing visibly when I photographed it at Gansevoort and Little West 12th Streets in the Meatpacking in 1999. 

Type G posts, one of a lettered series of classic NYC lampposts, were generally used on side streets. They were somewhat shorter in height (20 feet tall) than the Corvs that were employed on major avenues. On side streets, they shared time with Type F lamps. Today, other than a collection in Stuyvesant Town, Type Gs are rare.

By the mid-2000s this post was leaning so badly that the Department of Transportation put it out of its misery and replaced it with a retro-Bishop crook.

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3 Responses to TYPE G CORVINGTON, Meatpacking

  1. Defaced with a sodium vapor fixture ?

    Could be worse, how about an LED fixture ? ;(

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