by Kevin Walsh

[Located at Manor road and Martling Avenue in Castleton Corners], the Manor Road Armory and its signature three-story towers and corner turrets was noted as “a unique contributor to the city’s rich military history.”

It was one of only three armories built statewide in the 1920s and one of the last completed. Constructed for the Headquarters Troop of the 51st Calvary Brigade, it traces its origins to Troop F, a calvary troop that was the Island’s only National Guard troop when it was organized in 1912.

In 1913, the city began leasing Manor Farm, one of the city’s leading equestrian centers, for Troop F’s use. The city later acquired the property with planning for a new armory beginning in 1922.

The building’s architects, Harold H. Werner and August P. Windolph, Columbia University classmates who became leading designers of public bathhouses, designed the Armory in a style inspired by medieval castles and fortresses. silive

It is presently home to the 42nd Infantry Division of the National Guard.



Jerry noia April 18, 2015 - 11:47 pm

I was in the National Guard 42nd the Armory on 66th And Park Avenue I served from
1963to1969….whenever I pass the Armory on Manor, it brings back many memories
Can anyone visit the Armory, I would like to go in and see it
Thank you
Jerry Noia
70 Sommer Ave
Staten Island. 10314


1SG John A Koch, Ret. February 9, 2022 - 3:11 pm

That armory will always be home to the 101st Cav. The
Dirtbags upstate waited till we were deployed to Iraq
Before they pulled out from under us. They figured with
Nobody around to stop them it was the perfect time. If
You don’t like my comment you can kiss my ass


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