by Kevin Walsh

On a recent ForgottenTour we explored Love Lane, a one-block alley in Brooklyn Heights. It is the remnant of an Indian trail leading down to the water edge, and was apparently named because young men used to hang around seeking young women at a nearby girls’ school. It runs between Henry and Hicks Streets, but there’s a little stub end running east from Henry.

I never thought to explore it, but Bob Mulero, NYC’s King of Lampposts has, and lo and behold, snagged quite a find. That stub end leads to a hidden parking lot, and illuminating the lot is an increasingly rare Twin Deskey lamp. This one holds two mercury lights that were formerly used to illuminate playgrounds, but were phased out when their dim greenish-white light was deemed insufficiently safe.

Explore every crack and crevice…



Joey Marino October 17, 2014 - 12:29 pm

Dear Webmaster,
My name is Joey and I have been somewhat of a lamp post enthusiast for many years since I was a toddler. Many of your pages on lamp posts (and the other sections which invariably are led to by degrees) have been of great reading pleasure for several years.

I notice you discuss the rarity of these double “Deskey” fixtures, and I I know of one which I do not believe you have documented. I’m the Bronx, on the Hutchinson River Pkwy, immediately north of the Bruckner Blvd stone arch overpass, is a beautiful specimen of Donald Deskey’s Mid-Century Modern work illuminating both directions of the roadway from the grassy median. These, I believe are more safe from the, as you call it ‘war on old lamp post designs,’ because the Hutchinson Pkwy is under the control of the state DOT and not the NYC DOT.

I hope this assists you in your detailed documentation of the lamps of NYC!
have a great day,

Joey Marino October 17, 2014 - 12:32 pm

Woops pardon my messy typos! “In the Bronx,” not ” I’m the Bronx” haha.


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