by Kevin Walsh

In a  bit of a rush today but I’ll post one of my finds from a recent walk from Jersey City to Hoboken for a Blimpie sandwich (I was successful in my quest).

Unlike NYC, the lighting agencies of both cities in NJ facing NYC across the mighty Hudson are not fanatical about replacing outmoded fixtures and standardizing them, and hence, you have some gems like this on Coles Street in JC, a Line Material/McGraw Electrics 400 mercury (the light produced is white with a slight green tinge).

Line Material Electrics was founded in 1911, merged with McGraw Electrics in 1949, and was then merged with Edison in 1957as McGraw-Edison.

In NYC the mercury era, 1960-1972, was largely carved up solely between General Electric and Westinghouse, and other makes were very rarely seen. This is the only Line Material 400 I encountered on my Jersey City route. A full report on that walk is coming soon.

Check out the ForgottenBook, take a look at the gift shop, and as always, “comment…as you see fit.”


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