ABLE STEEL, Hunters Point

by Kevin Walsh

This is one of a pair of painted ads that appear on a brick building off Vernon Boulevard between 45th Road and 46th Avenue; this is the one on 46th. The building was, at one time, a warehouse of the equipment manufacturer. Both ads were painted quite awhile ago, as the phone number, EM1-9240, attests. EM was the EMpire exchange. The address given is 50-01 23rd Street…


…and sure enough, the building is there at the “L” formed by 23rd Street and 50th Avenue under the Queens Midtown Expressway. However, the when you go to the website shown on LinkedIn the site is written completely in Chinese, with a photo of solar panels. I’m not sure Able Steel is still in business, but it still has two faded ads on Vernon Boulevard and an old-school plastic letter sign here to show for its existence.

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Peter October 10, 2018 - 1:35 pm

Able Steel’s existence or non-existence is a mystery. I ran some passages from that website through Google Translate, it’s all generic stuff about solar power but at least in the portions I checked there was no mention of any company name. Google says that the site is in Japanese. Steel fabrication and solar energy installation are different things, so I doubt that a company which does one would readily switch to the other.
Undaunted, I called Able’s telephone number, 718-361-9240. After several rings a recording kicked in and said the usual about no one being in to take the call, please leave your number. The recording did NOT, however, identify the company name.
Based on this I’m leaning toward saying that Able Steel is doneski, but am not certain.

Juanita Mencia August 27, 2019 - 7:37 am

Able Steel is still in business! I spoke to Ed last week! Try emailing also to I was so glad to hear they’re still in business!


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