by Kevin Walsh

A panel sidewalk sign for the Paramount Fish Market was revealed in late 2022 at #300 Knickerbocker Avenue between Suydam and Hart Streets when an awning sign for a thrift shop was removed when the shop closed or moved out. The no-nonsense design, with the name of the shop on a green background with two fish, reminds me a great deal of the old sign for Cosentino’s Fish Market on 3rd Avenue in Bay Ridge…

…which was subsequently replaced with a new sign in the same spirit when the shop moved across the street:

The color green, in many cases, is used to signify water, especially in weather radar mapping in which light rain is shown as green, heavy rain in yellow and snow in blue or whitish blue. I don’t know how green came to be a default for water; the ocean is always thought of as blue, but in that case it is reflecting the sky on clear days.

In any case, this Ridgewood artifact will likely be covered over again when the space gets a tenant: though some businesses are ironically retaining old signs ind in some cases, restoring them.

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JM February 14, 2023 - 8:35 am

This isn’t Ridgewood, it’s Bushwick. Knickerbocker Avenue doesn’t go into Queens.


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