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  • BROAD CHANNEL. Queens’ island neighborhood

    September 27, 1998

    Nestled in the middle of Jamaica Bay is an island community known as Broad Channel. It is the province of seagulls, roaring jets taking off from Kennedy Airport, The Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, and a proud, insular neighborhood that claims what it can from the bay, occasionally jutting into it by building on stilts. Unlike […]

  • TROLLEY POLES around town

    September 19, 1998

    Trolley tracks aren’t the only remnants of former trolley lines that are still dotting the city landscape. The poles that carried the electric power supply are still here and there. Many stand rusting and forgotten, but at left, one such pole at Flushing and Onderdonk Avenues, Ridgewood, Brooklyn (LEFT) , is now employed to carry telephone […]

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    September 15, 1998

    This is the former New York and Queens Railroad Company trolley barn. It was built in 1896 to serve the fledgling NY & QRC, which was formed that year when the Steinway Railway Company and Newtown Railroad Company sold out to a delegation of Philadelphia investors interested in building a trolley line in Queens. The towers […]

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