There are two streets in NYC that begin with X, if you don’t count Brooklyn’s Avenue X. Both are Xenia Streets: in Corona, Queens, and Old Town, Staten Island.

Xenia (which I had thought was a flower, but that’s zinnia) is a Greek term meaning ‘strange’ or ‘foreign’; it frequently turns up in combined terms like xenophobia, fear of strangers, or philoxenia, kindness toward strangers. It is also a city in Ohio and a variety of coral.

I don’t know how it ended up on two NYC street signs…


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  1. Roger_the_Shrubber says:

    Some chick who calls herself Warrior Princess lives on that street. She’s cute but apparently not into guys.

  2. Sunset Parker says:

    Well, Xenia and Xenos are two different things. Xenos = stranger or foreign. Xenia means hospitality (i.e. looking after strangers). Hospitality St. Beautiful! 🙂

  3. Corinne Troiano says:

    Also, I believe it is the name of the sister of the Last Tsar, Nicholas? Russian neighborhood, maybe????

  4. Steve says:

    “Xenia” is also the first name of Famke Janssen’s character in the James Bond movie “Goldeneye.”

  5. Corinne Troiano says:

    Xenia is the name of the sister of Tsar Nicholas II….Is the sign in a Russian neighborhood????

  6. studetroit says:

    Yes, according to the Xenia Ohio website, “The City of Xenia (pronounced Zeen-yuh) derives its name from the Greek word for hospitality”. Zeen yuh later.

    • Ferryboi says:

      Makes sense. Xenophobia is “an unreasonable fear of foreigners or strangers or of that which is foreign or strange” or just the opposite of hospitality.

    • marianna says:

      the actual word for hospitality is filoxenia = filo+xenia = friends+strangers.
      the name xenia comes from the names of the god zeus xenias and goddess athena xenia who were protectors of the strangers. Hospitality was a great virtue in ancient Greece and they used to have big rituals to welcome foreigners.

  7. As a street sign fan, this was a particularly cool entry, I never really thought that I never see any streets beginning with X!

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