The Owls Head Sewage Treatment Plant, on the outskirts of beautiful Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, is accessible by roads from Bay Ridge Avenue (69th Street) and from the Belt Parkway. The plant had always had species of oddball lampposts on its roads — this photo is from the 1940s, and these posts, which resemble the ones on San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, were in turn replaced by another set of lamps utterly unlike the regular-issue octagonal shafted poles in NYC streets. Those, too, disappeared in the late 1970s or early 1980s. The plant continues to stink up the area when the wind is right.

Photo from NYC Municipal Archives, which has gotten wise to the antics of folks like your webmaster, who can manipulate the html to produce high quality pictures, and added watermarks.


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  1. Gary Farkash says:

    If you look inthe background you can clearly see the old belt parkway woodies. The last one in Brooklyn was a double arm unit that …. wait for it… is right in this picture!
    It lasted until a car accident in 2006. Strangely enough, when I happened to go back in 2010, the broken unit was still laying in the grass up against the fence.
    There is only one woodie left on the Belt system in Rosedale Queens.

  2. John says:

    I recall the wooden lampposts as a child and the stench from the sewage treatment plant every now and then.

  3. Brian Sturm says:

    I worked in Coney Island from 98 to 2009. The last remaining woody was by one of the ramps to Flatbush Avenue on the West bound side of the Belt Parkway. I think it disappeared a few years ago.

    The Northern State had woodies on it from the NYC line until the mid 80s I believe. I remember them when I was young.

    • Kevin Walsh says:

      I remember that pole, but now the last woody in NYC is in Rosedale on one of the westbound approaches. If it’s indeed still there — I haven’t checked lately.

  4. Frank says:

    There are no more woodies at Planting Fields, I would know because I work there.

    There are still some original woodies on the Ocean Parkway on Long Island. Unfortunately there was some losses due to Hurricane Sandy. But, a few nice double woodies remain complete with their incandescent lighting. I would say there is about 15-20 woodies left on the Ocean Parkway.

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