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Man, what a fuss has been made this summer (2014) about a recently uncovered store awning sign for the Hudes Delicatessen sign on Broadway and 103rd in the Upper West Side. I even wrote about it myself.

Here’s a classic sign that has been uncovered for at least a year or two, at my old butcher shop on 162nd street in fab Flushing. This sign was behind a vinyl awning sign when I was a customer, but it’s been exposed for quite awhile now.

Look at the classic script font, augmented by a smaller serif font. Classic stuff from the 1940s or 1950s.

But, there has been barely a whimper about it on the World Wide Web, while there has been a veritable avalanche of posts about the deli sign.

Why? The answer is simple.

This sign is in Queens.


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One Response to VINCENT GRACE PRIME MEATS, Flushing

  1. dave c. says:

    From back when the butcher was a local and your neighbor and friend. “Vincent Grace” was probably the Anglicized name of an Italian immigrant, Vincenzo Grazia.

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