A recent building teardown at 43rd Avenue and Hunter Street has revealed this decades-old wall ghost. The ST in the exchange stands for STillwell, STerling or STagg, I’m unsure which. There’s some evidence of a palimpsest, or one ad painted on top of an older one.

The shop is still in business, per Comments.


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5 Responses to INDUSTRIAL SHEET METAL, Hunters Point

  1. John Harp says:

    Another option to consider: Growing up in Ravenswood, Queens during the 1950’s our phone exchange was STillwell 6 – and we had a “party line” connection!

  2. Tom says:

    The ST is more than likely for Stillwell, which was an exchange back in the day in the LIC area.

  3. Joe Fliel says:

    Industrial Sheet Metal Products is still in business at 41-25 Hunter St. The phone exchange might be STIllwell (784), which covered Hunters Point.

  4. Larry says:

    Maybe STillwell?

  5. Ken B says:

    Definitely “Stillwell”. I am the third generation in a family business that has been in Long Island City since the 1930’s. We still have the same number, STillwell 4-6666, although we have long used only numbers, 784-6666.

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