JAPANESE HOUSE, Prospect Park South

Prospect Park South’s famed “Japanese house” at #131 Buckingham Road between Church Avenue and Albemarle Road was designed in 1901 and contains carefully adapted Japanese temple detailing including 3 stained glass windows with dragon motifs. Japanese artisans were hired to provide expertise on the details. The house originally sold for $26,500, which was a quite expensive number for 1901. The original owner was Dr. Frederick Kolle, a pioneer in the fields of radiology and plastic surgery and the inventor of a number of X-ray devices.


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3 Responses to JAPANESE HOUSE, Prospect Park South

  1. Larry says:

    All of the houses in that area are breathtaking to look at…..What a magnificent structure……

  2. Gloria Fischer says:

    Tours are available on a regular schedule starting in September – details to follow.

  3. Ian M. says:

    I love going for runs through this neighborhood, but I’ve never noticed this house before. I’ll have to try and find it next time I go through.

    This neighborhood is filled with tons of other beautiful houses, as well. I grew up in the suburbs of Westchester and it reminds me of the neighborhood I grew up in. For this small area there’s almost no indication you’re even in a major city, unless you hear the B or Q train roll by.

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